Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Compliance Management is so Important?

Whether driven by internal or external factors, managing compliance helps your company detect, and prevent, violations of guidelines, rules, standards, regulations and laws… which protects both your staff and your organisation

The compliance process should be continuous and consistent

RAMIS  helps you establish systems to consistently and accurately manage your compliance across your organisation 24/7/365 

What's wrong with using spreadsheets?

Depending on the size of your portfolio and the “disciplines” you manage, spreadsheets can be very helpful

The challenge appears when these spreadsheets are shared and the data in multiple sheets is no longer in sync with the others

Critical non-compliances can also be buried in thousands of lines of data and tasks can be missed

How long does it take to setup RAMIS?

The time to setup your RAMIS portal will depend on the availability and accuracy of your current information

However, it’s possible to get your portal ready in less than seven (7) days

Go to the How it Works page to see more information

Are there any hidden costs?


Our pricing is clearly set out on the Pricing page ad is based on an annual license fee depending on how you want to manage your compliance

Is there a min / max number of properties?


RAMIS works whatever your organisational structure;

– Single building / single location

– Multiple buildings / single location

– Multiple buildings / multiple locations

– Multi-storey building(s)

What info do you require from me/us?

Setting up RAMIS is a simple process. All we need to begin is to understand your portfolio structure,  what you want to manage, who’s responsible for what and we’ll create your portal.

We will provide a Data Template Upload Guide so you can capture your data from wherever it is at the moment.

Then you can upload your data from spreadsheets to save time and money! 

Why should I choose RAMIS?

RAMIS is used in over 100,000 properties.

We’ve been supporting local government, housing associations, Facilities Management providers, Plc’s, large corporates and small businesses since 2002 and have a retention rate of over 95%.

Our customers report that costs saved have covered the investment and makes RAMIS cost neutral.  

Will RAMIS link with other software?


RAMIS has a secure FTP protocol that enables data to be moved to and from other systems automatically.

We are also developing an API which we expect to be ready by Q3 2021.

We are a relatively small business, will it work for us?


RAMIS fits businesses of all shapes and sizes and whatever the tasks you need to manage.

Can we get help to set us up?

Of course.

Our Customer Success Team are here to make sure your experience is as simple as possible and we not only help you to get setup, we’ll be there to help throughout your journey.

When you become a member of the RAMIS family, we’ll be doing all we can to make sure you never want to leave!

Do you provide training?


We provide Train the Trainer sessions to make sure your internal champions have all the knowledge they need to support your team internally.

But we’re also here to help throughout the process and RAMIS has a comprehensive support module that includes;

– Training Videos

– FAQ’s

– Resource documents to download

– and a Support channel to aswer any queries your users may have.

Is there a minimum contract?

Yes and No.

Depending on the size and complexity of your portfolio, and the number of disciplines and tasks you wish to manage, you might want to give the system some time to track everything over a reasonable period of time so you can get some meaningful analysis of your data.

For this reason, we recommend our customers to commit to a minimum of 12 months.

That said, are happy to release customers from that comittment if they are convinced RAMIS can’t work for them. No questions asked.

However, also offer discounts for customers who contract for 3 or 5 years.

Will we have ongoing support?


The Customer Success Team are dedicated to ensuring your journey is as successful as possible.

Their goal is to reach 100% customer retention so we want you to be happy.

RAMIS also has;

– Video Training

– FAQ’s

– Documentation and Resources

– Online support team

RAMIS complicated and difficult to use?

Though compliance management can be a complex subject, our aim is to develop RAMIS to be as simple to use as possible. 

We think we’re doing a decent job of that 🙂

Can RAMIS be used on a mobile device?

The RAMIS AuditorAPP can be used to carry out any kind of audit, assessment, survey and checklist.

However, you must have an AuditManager license to link to these audits.

RAMIS Compliance will soon have its own mobile app which customers may use to close down existing tasks and add new ones.

We are spread across a wide geographical area with lots of property managers will it work for us?

Yes, of course.

RAMIS is perfect for your type of organisation. You can add unlimited users and define how they view and update the information in the system. 

Your geographical spread has no negative affect on the performance of the system, in fact RAMIS makes communicationacross the team, of your vital compliance data, an absolute doddle. 

How much does it cost?

Go to tour Pricing page for full details  but to be honest, we prefer to talk about investment rather than cost, but either way, RAMIS can easily become ‘cost’ neutral.

The administrative time savings gained by using RAMIS systems can far outweigh the price of investment.

Is my data safe and where is it stored?

Your data is stored in a UK based, Tier 3, high security data centre boasting some of the highest levels of physical security available anywhere in the country.

Our dedicated platform is highly resilient and highly secure and will deliver a 24/7/365 service with a guaranteed uptime exceeding 99.9%.

This makes sure your data is always secure and available.

Do I need to install software on my server and across my users?


RAMIS is cloud based and can be accessed using desktop, tablet and mobile devices with internet access and a web browser.

RAMIS is best experienced using the latest Chrome and Explorer browsers. 

What if RAMIS goes down, can I access my data?

Our server array is backed up instantaneously so downtime is limited to seconds should there ever be an issue.

Historically though, our servers have an uptime exceeding 99.9%

Can I get a live demo with my data?


We offer 30 day trials to our Enterprise level customers and would be happy to help you upload some of your data to see how RAMIS can help you.